1. buildings for carrying on industrial labor (Freq. 5)

they built a large plant to manufacture automobiles

Syn: ↑plant, ↑industrial plant
Members of this Topic: ↑gas system
Hypernyms: ↑building complex, ↑complex
2. performance of moral or religious acts (Freq. 1)

salvation by deeds


the reward for good works

Syn: ↑deeds
Usage Domain: ↑plural, ↑plural form
Hypernyms: ↑activity
3. everything available; usually preceded by `the' (Freq. 1)

we saw the whole shebang


a hotdog with the works


we took on the whole caboodle


for $10 you get the full treatment

Hypernyms: ↑entirety, ↑entireness, ↑integrality, ↑totality
4. the internal mechanism of a device
Syn: ↑workings
Usage Domain: ↑plural, ↑plural form
Hypernyms: ↑mechanism

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works [works] noun
» work
plant mill works yard workshop foundry
These are all words for buildings or places where things are made or where industrial processes take place.
factory a building or group of buildings where goods are made:

a chocolate/cigarette/clothing factory

plant a factory or place where power is produced or an industrial process takes place:

a nuclear power plant

a manufacturing plant

mill a factory that produces a particular type of material:

a cotton/paper/textile/woollen mill

works (often in compounds) a place where things are made or an industrial process takes place:

a brickworks

a steelworks

Raw materials were carried to the works by barge.

yard (usually in compounds) an area of land used for building sth:

a shipyard

workshop a room or building in which things are made or repaired using tools or machinery:

a car repair workshop

foundry a factory where metal or glass is melted and made into different shapes or objects:

an iron foundry

a car/chemical/munitions factory/plant
an engineering plant/works
to manage/run a factory/plant/mill/works/yard/workshop/foundry
to work in/at a factory/plant/mill/yard/workshop/foundry
factory/mill/foundry owners/managers/workers
Example Bank:

Raw materials were carried to the works by barge.

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upper ten, works
see upper a. 20, 21.

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